The Crosley Family

We were able to spend some

time in the Catskills with Jim,

Noreen, & Devlin before

heading to Cayuga lake for a

Patterson Family Reunion...

Our rental house in the


Devlin & Elle looking out the


Devlin...isn't he cute?

Uncle Jim & Elle

Devlin brought his wagon all

the way from Brooklyn.

There was a giant swing for

grown-ups.  We had a great

time swinging on it.

Noreen on the swing

Noreen & Devlin playing in

the pool.  The water was

very cold.

Devlin at Big Pond

Daddy & Elle at Big Pond

Elle enjoying the grass

Devlin & his friend, Beatrix

eating watermelon.

Elle & Devlin "playing" wii. 

Happy Elle

One last family photo before

we go.

We left Jim & Noreen Friday

morning and headed to

Owasco Lake.

Byron looking over the water

Kathryn, Julie Kay's daughter

Byron, Josie, & Laura

dancing on an extra section

of dock

Kathryn, Byron, & Josie

Ali's son, Max

Byron as Mocky Man (The

girls couldn't pronounce

blankie when they were little

and it turned into mocky.  It


Cousin Lydia

Grandpa Newman and Elle

on the front porch of the


On Saturday, we went to

Aunt Connie's on Cayuga

Lake for a Patterson Family

Reunion.  18 of the 20 Great

Grandchildren were

present...all 7 and younger.

Some of the crew from the

original billboard -

Tad, Ren, Josie, Lydie

Elle's having fun hanging out

with all of her cousins

Elle & Ella

Lydie, Ella, & Elle

Lydie & Elle

Jon with his youngest,


Chris & Bridget's youngest,


Edie & Ren

A calm day on Cayuga Lake

Jeff took the kids out on the


The crew watching the


Even Elle got in on the

swimming.  She loved it!!

More fun in the water...

Billy's wife, Jen made a cake

for the celebration.  It was


Mom's cousin, Steffie made

a gorgeous quilt with all 20 of

the Great Grandchildren's

names embroidered on it.

Alex & Charlie


Elle & Edie

Josie & Ren...they look more

like twins than Josie & Lydie

Edie & Elle

Jeff & Lydie


Ales, Sarah, & Charlie

Kids in the

moonbounce...they bounced

for 5 hours straight! (well at

least most of the time)

The crew watching the action

on the driveway

Ford & Reilly

Will, Billy's second

youngest...and the fifth

William Wirt Patterson

Keara, Billy, Jen, & Carlie

Elle's one year photoshoot at


Too bad Lucy decided to join

the photo...not her best


Wagon ride on Elle's real

birthday - August 26th

Not so flattering

Elle blowing out the candle on

her cake topper on her real


August 2008 (Elle's 12th


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