The Crosley Family

Elle trying out her stool from

Katie Markowitz and Family

Monkey getting a bath

Elle with her monkey.  It was

a gift from Grammy &

Grandpa Newman because

her other cousins think it is

too scary.

You turn your head for 2

seconds and she's playing

with the chair.

After a walk with Grammy


Hanging out with Grandpa


Cousin Emma's baptism...

Grandpa, Elle, & Uncle Joe

Elle & Great Uncle Fred

Grammy & Cousin Emma

Mommy, Elle, Aunt Holly,

Cousin Emma

Holly & Emma

The Joe Crosley Family

Elle loves Cousin Emma

Save me, Mommy!!!

I thought the bow might

disguise the banana in her


Can you tell she's teething?

Notice the drool on her shirt

Elle with Uncle Larry

Grandpa and Elle

Elle's Easter Basket from

Grammy Crosley -

It was Tom's basket when he

was a baby

Byron after devouring his

Easter Candy

Josie at Easter Dinner

Grandpa & the bunny cake

Since his birthday is so close

to Easter, it was a birthday

celebration, too

Grandpa blowing out the


Josie after sampling bunny

cake whiskers (spaghetti

dyed dark blue)

Elle after Easter dinner and

ready for a nap

Elle hanging out with Cousin

Jo & Aunt Julie

Lydia and Byron making

funny faces for the

computer.  They were using

the photo booth software,

which makes crazy photos.

This is how the picture

turned out on Photo Booth.

Jo & Elle

Elle with her Easter Basket

on Easter Morning

Tom made breakfast in bed.

We even had Sprite mimosas

with banana garnish.  They

were delicious!

Daddy & Elle on Easter


Bunny Elle

Elle's Easter morning photo


Uncle Joe & Cousin Emma

Elle enjoyed watching the

neighbor's cat through the


Cousin Emma

Elle with Grammy

Aunt Holly & Cousin Emma

Cousin Emma

Cousin Em & Elle

The Girls

March 2008 (Elle's 7th Month)

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