The Crosley Family

Playing in the grass...

Nap time for Elle

Toes of sleeping baby

Feet of sleeping baby

Our first camping trip with

our Airstream purchased last


We went to Mike and Karen's

property in Browntown.

Mike and Karen bought our

Shasta and it was their first

trip in their camper,  too.

Mike's sister, Amy and her

husband Jeff also had a

"new" Airstream, so we were

all taking our "maiden

voyages" together.

Amy and Olivia

Daddy and Elle

Karen and Sadie

Jeff and Jonathan

"The Girls" enjoying the

morning - Olivia, Sadie, and


Elle roughing it for breakfast. 

Jeff & Amy made pancakes

and bacon and Mike & Karen

made eggs.  Everything was


Sadie enjoying her breakfast

Mike and Sadie

Lucy didn't enjoy the trip

quite as much as everyone


View from our campsite

Amy sent the picture that I

wish I had's the

view of our campsite with all

of the trailers.

Elle playing on quilt made by

cousin Steffie.  Isn't it


Grandpa and Elle on wine


Elle cuddling with Aunt Julie

Byron decided his bubble

wand looked more like a


Grandma and Byron playing

Star Wars with their


Byron still isn't quite old

enough to see the actual

movie, but he still knows all

of the characters.

Josie chasing bubbles

Grandpa pushing Josie on

the swing

Wii trance

More Wii trance

Elle with after bath mohawk

Just hanging out.

Happy Elle in her crib

Not quite crawling, but


Karen and Elle

Elle in her Mega Bloks wagon

from Kay Weaver

Galen and Quinn playing in

the ditch behind their house. 

Normally, there isn't any

water in it, but we've had so

much rain recently, it's full.

Quinn and Galen in the top

bunk of their "new" Scotty


Grammy Crosley and Elle -

They were color coordinated,

so I had to take a picture

Lucy isn't above begging Elle

for food...

she doesn't know Elle

doesn't have any.

Elle's first time in the hot tub. 

She loved splashing in it. 

Don't worry...we turned the

heat down.

Elle's diaper before it time, we'll

use swim diapers!

Elle's shriveled toes after

coming out of the hot tub.

Are those toes or are those

Merkels (morel


Elle drying off after playing in

the hot tub.

Elle watching Mommy and

Daddy put up her new baby


Elle's first time in her baby

swing.  She wasn't sure what

to think of it at first.

Tom's brothers and their

families were in town for the

weekend to help celebrate

Tom's dad's 70th birthday.

We loved seeing everyone

and Elle loved playing with

her cousins.

Aunt Holly with Elle & Emma

Elle with Auntie Noreen

Dev in Grandpa's hat

Elle getting some "me" time

with Auntie Noreen and Aunt


Emma and Elle in the wagon.




Joe pulling Cousin Dev

Dev hugging Cousin Emma

Grammy and Grandpa with

"the cousins".

Dev looking through the


Joe kayaking down the river

by our house

Jim kayaking

Joe and Devlin

Elle and Dev relaxing at the

end of a fun filled day.

Elle in the hammock

Daddy & Elle hiking White

Oak Canyon


Elle in the backpack

Lisa in the backpack when

she was a baby

Stefan, Elle, & Lisa


Tom took these pictures 2

weeks ago after he washed

the car


Tom was driving down 211

and was talking on the phone

with me when he said smoke

was coming out of the vents

and he thought the car was

on fire.  He asked me to

come get him.

This is what the car looked

like after I arrived at the


Our "new" car.  Even though

it looks similar to our old car,

it is an Audi, not a BMW.  It is

a little smaller than our old


We had a surprise 40th

Wedding Anniversary for

Grandma and Grandpa

Newman at Jeff and Julie's. 

Here are some pics from the

day.  I'll add a video of the big

surprise soon.

Aunt Connie and Bill Hecht

came down from NY

Elle and Randy

Este and Elle

Grace and Elle

Piper and Elle

Lisa's God-daughter,

Summer with Elle

More Summer and Elle


Ava looking cute

Bubbles in the driveway

Some party guests

Mom and Dad blowing out

the candles

Cutting the cake

Dad with cake on his face

What a big piece of cake

William has!!

Jeff Evans was wonderful

with Elle.  You can tell he has

done this before.

Summer...what number

lemon bar is that?

William and Grandpa Bill

Byron on the swing

Byron looking cute

Josie on the swing

More Ava looking cute

Lydie and Piper playing in the

sand box

Tom playing with William

Josie & Elle

Tom and Lydia at the end of

a fun day

Galen  after her ballet recital

on Sunday afternoon

She sure knows how to pose

Keep snapping, Lisa

Mark and Elle at the recital

Galen after a costume


May 2008 (Elle's 9th Month)

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