The Crosley Family

Elle uses her doorway

jumper for the first time

Elle finds her feet

for the first time...

...and finally makes it

to her mouth!!

Elle's brand new cousin

Emma Katherine Crosley

December 13, 2007

5:27 pm

7 lbs 13 oz



Joe & Holly!!!

Uncle Joe with Elle

Sleepy Emma

Emma opens her eye...just

for a sec

What a cutie!!

Proud Uncle Tom

Byron's party had a pirate


do you know

these pirates?


how low

can they go?

Byron patiently waiting to

open presents

Byron's grandmother "G"

made this card for Byron.


Mom-Mom (Julie's

Grandmother) & Elle

"Baby" Ian

Ian & Jean

Ian & Lance

Julie made this cake!!

Byron blowing out the


Elle Week 16 / Cousin Emma /

Byrons B-day Party

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