The Crosley Family

Elle is now 4 months old and

has been given the OK to

start solids soon.  Here she

is testing out the high chair

that Grandfather and Eleanor

gave her.  What a big girl!!

Here's Elle in one of her new

outfits from Uncle Joe, Aunt

Holly, and Cousin Emma

Here's Elle after she rolled

over all by herself for the first

time.  It was after bath time in

the kitchen sink.

We filled 1/2 the dining room

full of balloons for New


Here are some pictures as

we filled it.

No, we didn't blow all of these

up by mouth...we used the

air compressor.

There were slips of paper in

some of the balloons that had

correlating prizes relating to

them.  We did a "Yankee

Swap" with the prizes.  Poor

Joey kept having his prizes

taken.  Here's Joey opening

the Wrestling Title

Belt...eventually taken by

Jennings.  By the way, what

do they call a "Yankee Swap"

up north?

Here's Joey opening Baby 

New Year.  Mike felt sorry for

him and swapped his gift for

the babydoll...

...which he gave to Sadie

Here's Joey opening his 3rd

prize...which was stolen by


...he finally ended up with the

ipod disco ball (Sorry I don't

have a better picture)

Elle Week 19 / New Year's

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