The Crosley Family

Here I am earlier this year

getting in some practice for

the walk.

Here I am with Daddy waiting

for the walk to start.

Uncle Joe was selected as

the walk ambassador and

got to give a speech before

the start of the walk.  He also

got to cut the ribbon at the

start of the walk.

Here are Grandpa Newman,

Mr Spiers, and Grandpa

Crosley waiting for Joe's

speech and the start of the


Here I am with Daddy and

Uncle Joe.

And we're off.

Brrr. It's cold.  It was cold out

and rained most of the walk. 

Daddy kept me warm and

dry by carrying me instead of

pushing me in the stroller.

I know it's a fashion faux pas

to wear 2 hats, but they kept

me warm.

Here I am with Grandma

Newman and Daddy finishing

the walk.

We even got a medal when

we finished the walk.

MS Walk Annapolis               

April 6, 2008

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Elle's MS Walk Donation Site


Thanks to everyone who donated.

With your help,

Elle raised $510 and

The Crosley's Crusaders Team

raised over $4000

***If you are interested in making a

donation in Elle's name, donations are

still being accepted through June 1, 2008